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Dylan Horrocks


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Dylan Horrocks was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1966. He grew up in a household where Carl Barks� Donald Duck and Herge�s Tintin were popular bedtime reading. An early exposure to the work of Robert Crumb helped seal his fate and by the age of 14 he was contributing a monthly comic strip, �Zap Zoney of the Space Patrol,� to a local children�s magazine.

In 1985, with local legend Cornelius Stone, Dylan co-founded Razor magazine, which became one of the leading venues for New Zealand cartoonists until its demise in the early 1990s. Throughout the 1980s, he also contributed comics and strips to student newspapers, local zines and the Australian anthology Fox Comics. In 1989 he moved to England, where he began publishing Pickle as a mini-comic. In 1990 he developed a phobia of comics, which caused him to suffer panic attacks whenever he entered a comics store or tried to read all but the briefest of strips. This curious episode is documented in �The Last Fox Story� (1990), the writing and drawing of which served as part of the cure. In spite of occasional relapses, Dylan has since resigned himself to a life inextricably entangled with comics.

In 1992 Pickle became a professionally published comic book, thanks to Tragedy Strikes Press, which soon metamorphosed into Michel Vrana�s Black Eye Books. 10 issues of Pickle were published over the next 5 years, earning two Ignatz Award nominations and a few nice reviews here and there. Then in 1998 Pickle�s main serial, �Hicksville,� was collected as a graphic novel by Black Eye.

Hicksville was named a "Book of the Year" by the Comics Journal and received nominations for two Ignatz Awards and a Harvey Award. A French edition, published in 2001 by L�Association, was nominated for two Alph�Art Awards (Best Album and the Critics� Prize). Italian and Spanish editions are due out in 2003.

Dylan�s new series is Atlas, published by Drawn & Quarterly. In addition to this, he is also working on a graphic novel for Top Shelf and a story exploring the history and culture of Fantasy Role-Playing Games.

His current day job involves scripting Batgirl for DC Comics and Hunter: the Age of Magic for Vertigo. In the past, he has worked in bookshops, drawn a weekly political strip for the NZ Listener magazine, produced health promotion comics for New Zealand government agencies and NGOs and drawn illustrations for magazines, children�s books and advertisements. A collection of his single-panel political cartoons, called Better Luck Next Century, was published by Top Shelf in 2001. He has also written about comics for magazines in New Zealand and America and has given talks on cartooning and comics history at schools, universities, literary festivals and conferences. In 1998 he put together an exhibition called Nga Pakiwaituhi o Aotearoa: New Zealand Comics, which has shown in New Zealand and the USA, accompanied by a 100-page catalogue. He has received support from Creative NZ (the New Zealand government�s arts funding body) on a number of occasions, including a grant to work on Atlas. His comics have been exhibited in France, Canada and New Zealand and a page from Hicksville was purchased by the Auckland City Art Gallery in 2002 for their permanent collection.

Apart from three years in England, a year in the United States and several months on the island of Buka in Papua New Guinea, Dylan has lived all his life in New Zealand. He currently shares a house by the sea with his wife Terry and their two sons, Louis and Abe.

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