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Archer Prewitt


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In a reversal of expectations typical of him, Archer Prewitt is a cartoonist by day and a rock star by night touring and recording as a solo artist, and with his band "The Sea and The Cake".

Prewitt was born in Kentucky in 1963. He studied at the Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri and graduated with a printmaking degree in 1985. Music lured Archer away from the graphic arts in the late 1980s (not for the last time) and since then he has been a staple in the Chicago indie rock scene for most of the past ten years in such bands as The Coctails and The Sea and Cake.

But he couldn’t stay away from the comics and he began self-publishing his Sof' Boy mini-comics in the 1990s and these colorful and nostalgic absurdist adventures made their way into anthologies and collections. Funny Bunny, another Prewiit character makes regular appearances in a number of Chicago area magazines and publications.

Sof’ Boy #1 and 2 were published by Drawn & Quarterly Books in 1997 and 1998. Thy quickly sold out and the big Econo Combo was published in 2000.

People ask all the time when there will be a new Sof’Boy.
Some day, we answer, someday.

"An incredibly talented artist, an original and innovative humorist, and a great American." --Daniel Clowes

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