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Joe Matt


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I think he's a real jerk, but he does great comics! --R. Crumb

For over ten years Joe Matt has been notorious in cult circles for the embarrassing frankness with which he reveals his distressing habits and predilections. Utterly unabashed and completely self-absorbed, he writes with an exhibitionist�s enthusiasm for his favorite subject, himself.

Matt was born in Philadelphia in 1963. By his own account (collected in the graphic novel Fair Weather in 2002) he was a spoiled, selfish, and unpleasant child with a bedwetting problem, who also happened to be obsessed with collecting comics.

In the early 80s, Joe Matt studied at the Philadelphia College of Art and worked in a broom factory. In 1987, he started drawing the dense single-page confessional strips that made him a comics hero when they were collected in 1992 by Kitchen Sink Press and published as Peepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt. He began his ongoing comic book series Peepshow that same year with Drawn & Quarterly, the first six issues of which were collected as The Poor Bastard in 1997.

His most recent story arc, although only four issues long, took over 8 years to complete. The rest of his time was quite likely spent meticulously editing porn videos, collecting and archiving classic comic strips, wallowing in self-pity, and otherwise "procrasturbating," overwhelmed by the laziness that motivates him to urinate in a bottle in his bedroom rather than walk to the bathroom.

He currently lives and avoids work in Los Angeles.

�[Joe Matt] chronicles his life in hilarious, unsparing detail.� --Rolling Stone

�Dark, self-loathing, porn-addicted and parodic�� �-Charles McGrath, New York Times Magazine

�It�s not uncommon now for readers of literature to admire� Joe Matt with a partisan vigor formerly reserved for renegades like Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Brautigan.� �-Rick Moody, New York Times Book Review

�Matt�s work is a Woody Allenesque portrait-of-the-artist-as-a-pathetic-bundle-of-neuroses.� -�Globe & Mail

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