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Jan Van Der Veken


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I was born in Ghent, Belgium, April 10th, 1975 and am still living here!

I graduated in 1999 from St-Lucas Art institute where I studied graphic design and typography. But my main interest went to illustration. So I took lessons in the class of Ever Meulen.

After my graduation I immediately settled myself as an independent artist which is what Iíve been doing for almost three years now. In fact my design company is called FABRICA GRAFICA.

In my work I go back to the Atomstyle, a trend that was popular in the 1950s (think the World Exhibition of 1958 in Brussels). The positive attitude towards technology and the unlimited possibilities in the future of that era is reflected in all of my works.

Other inspiration sources are my travel books that I keep when I am abroad. This combination of technology and exoticism influences my illustrations, and my use of color gives my work a retro-effect, as if my work is drifting between the future and the past.

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