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Steve Mumford


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Steve Mumford is an artist living and working in New York City, where his work is represented by Postmasters Gallery.

He recently returned from his fourth trip to Iraq, where he spent some 10 1/2 months drawing. He was embedded with numerous units in the US army, and also spent time with Iraqis, particularly in Baghdad, where he got to know many young artists. Through drawing Mumford hoped to depict the day-to-day experience of the war zone, both from the point of view of the soldiers and the Iraqis he got to know. Using a small satellite dish, he sent jpegs of his drawings, along with written reports of his experiences to the online magazine, artnet.com.

A show of the drawings is currently on tour, and is scheduled to be shown at the Cranbrook Art Museum in Michigan in February and March, and the Moore Space in Miami, in April and May.

Previous to the Iraq project, Mumford’s oil paintings depicted dramatic scenes of the conflict between people and the natural world, which were often inspired by his travels to remote places in the US and abroad, including Peru, Costa Rica, and Newfoundland. At 19, he spent a year traveling throughout the Amazon, recording what he saw in drawings and watercolors.

An avid diver, Mumford has often depicted underwater scenes in his paintings, which have sometimes addressed the over-exploitation of resources through destructive practices like shark-finning.
His works have been shown in one-person and group exhibitions in many places in the US and Europe, including Tricia Collins Contemporary Art in New York, the Angstrom Gallery in Dallas, the University of Akron in Ohio, the Weatherspoon Art Museum in Greensboro, NC, Victoria Miro Gallery in London, and Marella Arte Contemporanea in Milan.

Mumford was born in Boston in 1960, and returned there to study at the Boston Museum School, where he studied with the Abstract Expressionist Freidel Dzubas and received a BFA. He received an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Mumford has taught at the Cooper Union School of Art, The School of Visual Arts, and Montclair State University. He was also a regular contributor to Review Magazine, for which he wrote art criticism.

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