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Miriam Katin


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I was born in Hungary during WWII. As far as I can remember there just seemed to have been a war which reminded people of other wars or that war was imminent. A revolution expected, happened, was over...what is next... This made for strange behavior with warped sentiments and scruples all around. While one is swimming as well as one can in this murky environment things do puzzle. I am still looking for questions. In pictures and few words I am trying to find the line connecting events, people, causes and results. There is also of course the pleasure of just looking on...

Immigrated to Israel in 1957
Served in the Israel Defense Forces as a graphic artist 1960-1963
Background designer, Ein Gedi Films, Israel 1981-1990
Background designer, New York 1991 - 2001
Jumbo Pictures
MTV Animation
Disney Studio

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