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Chris von Szombathy


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Chris von Szombathy works and lives in Vancouver, B.C., as a visual and auditory artist. As of November 2007 he is doing some graphic design work, musical production for new albums by Audio Ahdeo Awdio (children's electronic chamber music) and Tour de Fours (hidden carnival pop music), and working on new paintings/drawings for a non-linear graphic novel about other time dimensions, angels, demons, people, animals, other spiritual entities and instructions on the nostalgic meditation method!

His work tends to be fairly bright and bold and his influences quite varied: Growing up he read a lot of Garfield, Dick Tracy and any Archie comics that prominently featured Jughead, Moose or Midge. He also drew a lot of 'cartoons' and pictures of sharks, robots and the occasional incredible robotic shark. He had a good childhood but was not yet aware.

Other influences include the Mothers of Invention, Kraftwerk, Crumb, Ellington, Estes and the Tornados. Both of his grandfathers were painters, his father is a mean surf guitar player and his mother is a classical pianist. Both also have the ability to doodle with success.

He loves ginger, ice cream, walruses, soda, artificial melon or banana flavors, Japanese video games, and when the city is covered with heavy fogs. He is also an avid collector of vintage boardgames, toys, soda cans and bottles, candy and food packaging and novelty items.

He has a website he plans to update with more frequency at: www.chrisvonszombathy.com

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