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R.O. Blechman


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Born Oscar Robert Blechman in 1930, R. O. Blechman's internationally
acclaimed artwork spans decades, mediums and industries. He is one of the
first contemporary cartoonists to pen a full-length graphic novel with The
Juggler of Our Lady in 1953, which he published after graduating from
Oberlin College. His illustrations and comics have graced magazines,
anthologies and newspapers. He has created over a dozen New Yorker covers.

Blechman is also an animated filmmaker, and at one time owned his own
animation studio, The Ink Tank. He has been awarded the Gold Medal from the
Cannes Film Festival, numerous Emmy Awards, and has been nominated for a
BAFTA. In 2002, The Museum of Modern Art held a retrospective of his films
titled, "R. O. Blechman and The Ink Tank: A Celebration."

He is also in the Art Directors Hall of Fame, has been an Adweek Illustrator
of the Year, and is the creator of many notable advertising campaigns.

Blechman is married, has two sons, and lives in Ancram, New York.

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