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Anna and Froga: I Dunno...What Do You Want To Do?!
Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story!
Friday, April 27, 2007

Intricate signing procedures

Bart Beaty mentioned the intricate signing method of Belgian cartoonists Florent Ruppert and Jerome Mulot a few weeks back on The Comics Reporter. I just happened to be searching for info on these fellows after meeting them a week and a half ago and came across the previous linked and sadly incomplete videos. And Bart was right, it's pretty cool.

Posted by Tom Devlin at 2:44 PM

Marguerite Tonight!

Tonight in continuing programming for the PEN festival Marguerite Abouet will be appearing at the Instituto Cervantes New York at 211-215 East 49th St. from 6-7:30 p.m. with other contemporary African authors. To quote the PEN website: "Americans' exposure to Africa is mostly through press coverage focused on current events, with a bias toward the sensational and tragic. This discussion will offer a glimpse into the richness of the literary voices from Africa: these writers will talk about their work, the traditions they draw on, their styles and literary choices, and their tremendously diverse accomplishments."

Another worthwhile event co-sponsored by Words Without Borders, the online magazine for international literature--a partner in The Center for Literary Translation at Columbia University. The site is worth visiting by the comics enthusiast not only for an Aya preview but many other comics as well.

Posted by Tom Devlin at 2:27 PM
Thursday, April 26, 2007

Can you imagine if there were a day when comics 'round the world were free?

For those of you who don't know her, Lynda Barry is sort of the proto-Alexa Kitchen. she's been doing comics for a few years now and she also has a book about how hard it is to make comics. Part of this book will be available as Lynda's Free Comic Book Day Comic which is available at participating comic book shops on that there Free Comic Book Day which I'm pretty sure is planned to coincide with the Wimbledon Green movie release (May 5th.) Lynda's book will follow in Spring 2008 and it is called What It Is (actual cover image below.)

Posted by Tom Devlin at 3:12 PM

Skeex! (Walt & Skeezix volume 3 preview)

Posted by Tom Devlin at 2:30 PM

Paul goes to Moncton

Michel Rabagliati will be appearing with movie star and famous 70s underground comics-scripter Harvey Pekar at Moncton's Frye Festival tomorrow night Friday, April 27th at 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm. This is a ticketed event ($10) at the Moncton City Hall, Council Chambers located 655 Main St.

Posted by Tom Devlin at 12:38 PM

Aya author in NYC

Well, it seems that Marguerite Abouet is making a rare appearance here in North America . She's speaking tonight with Sandman author Neil Gaiman on a panel moderated by Sean Wilsey at the PEN festival in New York City. The discussion starts at 6pm at 37 Arts, 450 West 37th St. It is a ticketed event ($15/$10 PEN Members). The authors will be discussing "truth, imagination, and all things graphic." I'd personally like to see this because I think it's an oddly appropriate grouping of authors and the discussion is likely to focus more on the formal aspects of Marguerite's work such as recasting small town African living as a Hollywood-style evening soap opera.

Also, on Friday, Marguerite will be appearing on the "Words Without Borders: Every Day in Africa" panel. I'll provide more info on that one tomorrow.

Posted by Tom Devlin at 11:30 AM

John P appearance in your area!!

That is if your area is Colorado Springs. John's doing a reading/Q+A/slideshow tonight at the Tutt Library at Colorado College (1021 N. Cascade Avenue). It starts around 7pm and promises to be a rare inside look into the man and his process.

There are a couple more dates forthcoming (and we'll blog them then to remind you):DENVER {Q+A and signing; Tuesday, May 1st, 7:30 pm; @ Tattered Cover Book Store, 2526 East Colfax Avenue} and BOULDER {Q+A and signing; Friday, May 25th, 5:30 pm; @ Barnes & Noble, Crossroads Commons; 2915 Pearl Street}

Added: Here's a short interview piece spotlighting tonight's show.

Posted by Tom Devlin at 11:03 AM

Sammy swears it isn't his store

There's a nice piece on the Kramer/Harkham bookstore called Family in today's LA Times. It's great to see that an interesting focused vision for a modern bookstore can work and that people notice it working. Also, jeez, Sammy, stand up straight will ya. {Photo stolen from Stefano Paltera.}

Posted by Tom Devlin at 10:49 AM
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gabrielle Bell thinks I'm a blowhard

And she would be correct. Also, Gabrielle is up for an Eisner this year for Best Short Story for her story "Felix" and my inside sources say she is a shoe-in (please vote for Gabrielle) because a) her story is about a young girl who dreams of meeting Spider-man and does, b) Alexa Kitchen is not nominated in this category, and c)"Felix" is a really good story. Okay, now her story isn't about Spider-man or comics collecting but it still deserves to win. And a special note to Alexa if she is "ego-searching": You, Moomin--MOOMIN!
I feel feverish.

Posted by Tom Devlin at 11:29 AM
Monday, April 23, 2007

An excuse to mention the next volume of Moomin

Moomin Volume One is up for a couple of Eisners this year--Best Publication for a Younger Audience and Best Archival Collection/Project/Strips. It seems like it doesn't stand a chance against the Peanuts juggernaut but I feel pretty good about it trouncing Alexa Kitchen. As editor of said series, I promise if Moomin wins I will give an excruciatingly long speech where I tear things up and tell everyone what-is-wrong-with-the-industry. Or I will give a mumbled "thanks." It could go either way. But really this is about a preview for the cover of the next volume and a way to bump the now obsolete APE news out of the top of the blog (although if you want to take this as me lobbying for the award, then you may.)

Posted by Tom Devlin at 3:23 PM
Tuesday, April 17, 2007



Drawn & Quarterly at Booths 401 - 403
620 7th Street, San Francisco, CA

Drawn & Quarterly will be at APE with lots of books on special, cartoonists signing, and more!!

D+Q's DEBUT SPECIAL is KING-CAT CLASSIX, by John Porcellino, the brand new comprehensive collection of comics from the first 50 issues of King-Cat. And don't miss our recent releases Optic Nerve #11--the conclusion to Adrian Tomine's three-part epic, Angouleme award winner Aya, Charles Burns' new photography book One Eye, Guy Delisle's humorous Aline and the Others, the first volume of Tove Jansson's beloved Moomin strips, Chris Ware's ACME Novelty Library #17 and much more...

Plus, D+Q is pleased to host signings with Kevin Huizenga, artist behind the series Or Else and the fall 2006 hardcover Curses - who is an APE special guest this year - and Anders Nilsen, creator of the series Big Questions, the comic Dogs & Water, and the "Petits Livres" title, Don't Go Where I Can't Follow.


12:30 - 2:30 Anders Nilsen signing
2:30 - 4:30 Kevin Huizenga signing
5:00 - 5:55 Spotlight on Kevin Huizenga

12:30 - 1:40 Panel with Art Spiegelman, Kevin Huizenga, Hope Larson, Bryan Lee O'Malley and Gene Yang: Graphic Novels Now
2:00 - 4:00 Kevin Huizenga signing

Our friendly representatives Rebecca and Jessica will be there to answer all of your questions and tell you all about our APE specials. And we take credit cards!

Posted by Jamie Q at 11:13 AM
Thursday, April 12, 2007

Miriam Katin on NPR: Studio 360

Tune in this weekend - Holocaust Memorial Days, April 14th and 15th - to hear a brief interview with We Are on Our Own cartoonist, Miriam Katin. Here's the link for the interview.

Also, if you're in the Philadelphia area next weekend, don't miss the panel featuring her alongside Ben Katchor and Kim Deitch at the Philadelphia Book Festival: Sunday April 22nd at 3:00pm, Citibank Main Stage

Posted by Jamie Q at 10:45 AM

KCC excerpt

Posted by Tom Devlin at 10:44 AM
Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Porcellino news

By "any day now" Tom means that King-Cat Classix is set to be on sale in stores for May 1st, and is now available on D+Q's website. Library Journal gave this new collection from John Porcellino a starred review in its Xpress Reviews:

"This weighty collection gathers the best of the first 50 issues of King-Cat with selections of ephemera (reproductions of letters, essay, reviews, and stories) that make each issue singular. While not exhaustive, King-Cat Classix manages to display the gradual evolution of an artist, from early punk rock scratchings and disjointed ramblings through the reserved simplicity of Porcellino's later drawings. Readers will grasp the development of both a man and the practitioner of a craft... [it is] a comprehensive introduction to the work of a great living artist as well as a tribute to the foundational efforts of an icon... Highly recommended."

King-Cat Classix will be debuting at this year's Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, April 21st - 22nd!

Also, if you're in Colorado, don't miss his events:

COLORADO SPRINGS: Q+A, slide show and signing
Thursday, April 26th, 7:00 pm
@ Tutt Library, Colorado College
1021 N. Cascade Avenue

DENVER: Q+A and signing
Tuesday, May 1st, 7:30 pm
@ Tattered Cover Book Store
2526 East Colfax Avenue

Posted by Jamie Q at 2:57 PM

Any day now

There's a brief interview with John Porcellino about his new collection, King-Cat Classix at Publishers Weekly along with some talk about forthcoming projects. The book should be hitting stores any day now. And, yes, I did just figure out how to "3D" a book cover.

Posted by Tom Devlin at 12:07 PM
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some reflections on Gasoline Alley

Eddie Campbell has long been one of my personal favorite cartoonists in the modern graphic novel era and he has some very sharp things to say about one of my personal favorite cartoonists from the golden era of strips (is that when it was?). You may have seen this already on The Comics Reporter or while frequenting Eddie's site but since it's GA news I figured being redundant wasn't a big deal. And thanks to Roger Clark (again!) for posting the strips.

Posted by Tom Devlin at 1:05 PM
Thursday, April 05, 2007

Optic Nerve #11 reviewed on Wired

The Wired Blog Network's Table of Malcontents highly recommends Optic Nerve #11: "it will just as surely mark him as one of the great graphic novelists of our time."

Posted by Jamie Q at 4:03 PM

New paperback edition available!

The softcover edition of Pyongyang has just arrived in the office and it'll be in stores in the next couple of weeks. It's priced to move at $14.95us. "Why a softcover?" you say. "You usually only do hardcovers these days," you say. Well that's true but since the hardcover edition was D+Q's bestselling title in a first printing, and landed on several "best of" lists, we decided to take the advice of several leading booksellers and offer a cheaper edition.

We are also delighted to announce that Guy Delisle will be a special guest at this year's San Diego Comic Con, where last year Pyongyang was our third bestselling book (after books by con-guests Adrian Tomine and Yoshihiro Tatsumi.) Guy is also hard at work on his third travelogue for D+Q which will chronicle a year he spent in Burma. When Guy visited the D+Q offices last summer he filled us in on some of the atrocities he saw. The Burma book is due out in fall 2008.

Posted by Tom Devlin at 2:16 PM
Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Prix Bedelys Winners

Congrats to Michel Rabagliati and Miriam Katin for their individual Prix Bedelys awards received last night here in Montreal. Michel received the Prix Bedelys Quebec for Paul a la Peche (La Pasteque) which we will be publishing in English next March. And Miriam received the Prix Bedelys D'Or Honourary Mention: Seules Contre Tous (We Are On Our Own)(Editions du Seuil). We're sorry we weren't there for the ceremony but the invitation was in French and we couldn't figure out what it was talking about.

Posted by Tom Devlin at 2:07 PM
Monday, April 02, 2007

not as good as being there, but it'll have to do..

Check out The Comics Reporter for photos from the Optic Nerve #11 launch and click here to read Wizard's recent interview with Adrian Tomine.

Posted by Jamie Q at 12:14 PM
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