Mothers & Daughters

Here's a photo of Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Alison Bechdel, and D+Q's Miriam Katin on the "Mothers & Daughters: Female Graphic Novelists and the Family" panel at the New York Comic-Con.…

AYA on the Daily Crosshatch

The Daily Crosshatch is a new comics blog that refreshingly isn't obsessed with the business of comics. The writers Elizabeth Chou and Brian Heater report on and review comics as well as…

Ron Rege Deck

We checked in with the rockstar and cartoonist Ron Rege Jr, he let us know that he created artwork for a deck by Toy Machine.

Count Me In

I'm thrilled to watch my favorite radio show on tv. This American Life debuts on Showtime on March 22 and according to this report has animation by Chris Ware.