John P. interview

September 4, 2007
There's a great Washington Post Express interview online with John Porcellino about King-Cat Classix for your reading pleasure.

Doug Wright

August 31, 2007
Over the past year or two, Seth, Brad MacKay and I have been going through thousands of pieces of artwork, photographs, and related ephemera regarding the great Canadian…

Red Colored Elegy

August 24, 2007
I'm pretty excited about this comic even though it's something like nine months away from arriving in stores but I've been working on it recently. Red Colored Elegy is a true…

Interns. Still awesome.

August 24, 2007
Chuck Forsman. CCS student. D+Q summer intern. Awesome. Unlike previous interns (I won't name names, SF), he maintains a deferential air about him at all times. This coffee is…