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Anna and Froga: I Dunno...What Do You Want To Do?!
Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story!
Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome to the World, Pep.

Congratulations to the family of Jason Lutes on the arrival of Maximilian Pepper Warren-Lutes at 4:49am on December 26th, weighing in at a 10 lbs. 2 oz!

Posted by Peggy Burns at 10:05 AM
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blechman in the New Yorker (December 1956!!)

Thumbing through an old New Yorker magazine, I came across this wonderful example of R.O. Blechman commercial illustration. Few artists manage to survive a decade in illustration, let alone successfully work with a distinctive line and distinguished wit in various commercial media for over half a century!

In the same issue...

Posted by Rebecca at 10:52 AM
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paul is on the internet!

Check out Michel Rabagliati's new website

Posted by Claire Bennett at 2:52 PM
Friday, December 18, 2009

Marc Bell, TV Star

If you ever hear a sample in a rap song that says I'm kind of a small fish wish upon a star that marc bell is getting paid royalties.

Posted by Peggy Burns at 3:30 PM

Dancing Mile End

Still looking for the perfect gift? How about this Matt Forsythe print? Signed and numbered and mailed to your door!

Posted by Claire Bennett at 12:24 PM

Delightful Delicious Delisle

Here are a few photos from the Guy Delisle event last night at the Drawn & Quarterly bookstore. Guy's talk packed the house; having arrived late, I ended up squashed against the window display at the very front of the store while people continued to squeeze in throughout the lecture! Despite the big crowd, Guy's conversational speaking style and decision to eschew the microphone lent an unexpected aura of low-key intimacy to the evening, a nice relief from the frenzy of the holiday season.

Guy signs as chief Chris Oliveros and translator Helge Dascher look on. Over the course of her 15-year association with Drawn & Quarterly, Helge has translated everything from Dupuy & Berberian to Abouet & Oubrerie to more Dupuy & Berberian, 12 years later! Helge is also astoundingly awesome. Proof? These amazing cookies she baked shaped like Guy Delisle's head, with a variety of expressions illustrated in chocolate frosting. Sweet!

Thank you to everyone who came out!

Posted by Rebecca at 11:27 AM
Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Hanukkah!

In honour of the holiday season and "complicated consumer impulses" here is a strip by Vanessa Davis for you to enjoy. Also, a possible addition to your wish-list: pants with your name on them!

Posted by Claire Bennett at 4:58 PM

Guy Delisle In Town! This Thursday!

Guy Delisle of Pyongyang, Shenzhen and Burma fame will be in town this week for an event at the D+Q Librairie, his first! Yippee!

Posted by Peggy Burns at 10:37 AM
Friday, December 11, 2009

This weekend! Rusty Plum Craft Fair!

So I know I'm a Mom when I find myself:
1) working the local craft fair instead of the cool comic fest
2) bring my kids along with me to the craft fair and
3) get very excited when we sell a bunch of copies of our Moomin books, as well as lots of copies of other kid friendly comics like Ojingogo.

Last weekend Drawn and Quarterly was at, and this weekend and next, will be at the Rusty Plum craft fair. Rusty Plum has been going on in Mile End for a long time and it's a great way for us to get new readers, see friends and eat pierogies as it is in the basement of a Polish Catholic Church.

We will have the same sale going on at the fair, as we do online and in the store, buy three copies and get 30% off. This weekend stop by to say hi to the Chief (who I refer to as the "master craftster" as he started D+Q in his apartment a mere three blocks away from the church 20 years ago) and Claire, and next weekend to Tom and I. (and Georgy and Woody)

Posted by Peggy Burns at 12:58 PM

Big FCBD news in the office! Congrats to us!

So, we're really excited to announce that our Free Comic Book Day 2010 issue, YOW!!: THE JOHN STANLEY LIBRARY has been selected by Diamond as a gold level comic for the "holiday" of May 1, 2010. This means, it will be available at every store that participates in FCBD. (So no more slew of emails to the office asking for a copy because someone's store didn't order, or only ordered 2 copies) So in addition to that exciting news, and the news that Seth will be designing another cover, this year's comic includes a spectrum of Stanley stories: Melvin Monster, Nancy, Judy Jr from Thirteen Going on Eighteen, Choo Choo Charlie and Tubby! Yes, TUBBY!!! We take great pride in producing FCBD issues that we think really represent what FCBD is all about--great comics; all ages; satisfying to comics and non-comics fans alike. Thanks, Diamond!!!

Posted by Peggy Burns at 12:41 PM
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Interns ARE awesome! #7635 in a series

Meet Kiarra, D & Q production intern and new friend. Hailing from Canada's exotic prairies, Kiarra draws and animates when she's not busy reading Thirteen "Going on Eighteen", the latest book in D & Q's ongoing John Stanley Library series!
Satisfyingly thick and supplemented with an introductory essay by none other than series designer Seth, this mighty tome is expected to hit store shelves in mid-January, making it the perfect holiday (Chinese new year!) gift for the Stanley fan or pre-adolescent girl in your life.

Posted by Rebecca at 1:20 PM

On the shelves, in your arms

I'm sure you've all taken notice of the Masterpiece Comics deficit in recent times. No longer is it so! The third printing has arrived in stores and online!!!!

Posted by Claire Bennett at 1:10 PM
Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest!

This past weekend was the inaugural Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in Williamsburg, hosted by Gabe Fowler of Desert Island and Dan Nadel of Picturebox.

This photo gives you an idea of the space, which was a church basement. The feel of the show was really comfortable and nice, very similar to Montreal's ExpoZine, but with a big representation of the cartoonists, publishers, print makers, etc who regularly come out for the other small press shows. One really nice thing about the show was that, mixed in with the cartoonists and familiar faces were a lot of people who had heard about the show or had just wandered in, but seemed relatively unfamiliar with comics. Our booth was totally swamped the whole time, which makes sense as 6 of our cartoonists (Gabrielle Bell, R.O. Blechman, Charles Burns, Ron Rege, R. Sikoryak and Adrian Tomine) were there doing programming and/or signing.

I was alone at the booth, so I wandered around beforehand snapping shots of everyone setting up. Gabe Fowler puts together one of the Desert Island tables. He seemed remarkably calm the whole time, which is pretty impressive considering how successful the show was.

Jon Vermilyea's table, which was, as usual, totally overwhelming and exciting to look at. Unfortunately, toymaker (and Jon's gf) Shannon O'Neill's sewing machine broke the day before the show and she thusly didn't really have anything there. Also, sorry to whoever's butt that is.


Why, hello there, Randy Chang and Tony Shenton. I am stalking you.

Charles Burns and Adrian Tomine sign at the booth, which was a real treat. Adrian very graciously agreed to take some time away from his 5 week-old baby daughter, Nora, to sign books and Charles is always a delight to have around.

R. Sikoryak and Gabrielle Bell madly sign books before doing some live drawing. Side-note: I couldn't go to see the programming, but I hear that the programming hall was packed the whole time and that all of the events went really well. Everyone who participated or went to one seemed decidedly pleased.

It was Ron Rege's BIRTHDAY, but he was still happy to sign books, meet fans and participate in a panel, which he said was his first ever!

AND finally, I snapped some pics of this rough looking crew hanging out around our table around the end of the day. Melissa and Chuck, former D+Q interns and CCS students/graduates both, and Leon and Barry from Secret Acres. What's wrong, guys???

Aw, that's better. Er, well...

Posted by Jessica Campbell at 4:11 PM

More Rabagliati civic pride

Montrealers: keep your eyes peeled for Michel Rabagliati artwork gracing construction site walls and bistro bathrooms all over town on posters announcing local band Mes Aieux's CD launch. Like a scene straight out of Paul in the Metro (a Rabagliati short story featured in D & Q's 2005 Free Comic Book Day comic), the poster and CD cover pictured above depict the band members in the Montreal subway system. Please note the typical Canadian footwear... in fact, I'm pretty sure that the second guy from the right is rocking the same boots as D & Q creative director Tom Devlin.

Posted by Rebecca at 3:16 PM
Monday, December 07, 2009


Oh, and I might as well add this (supervising director: Gene Deitch--comics, comics comics!)

Posted by Tom Devlin at 2:32 PM
Thursday, December 03, 2009

R.O. Blechmania

Steven Heller, SVA prof and ex NY Times art director loves R.O. Blechman! A scholar when it comes to artists' christmas cards, Blechman is one of his four noted favourites. Just take a look at this iconic 1966 CBS animation, pure cheer. Catch up with R.O. Blechman this weekend at The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival on Saturday and The Ancram Opera House on Sunday in celebration of his two new books.

Posted by Claire Bennett at 11:14 AM
Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Holiday Sale & Shipping! Holy Smokes!

It's that time of year folks when you can save on books and still get them the cheapest method possible and in time for the holidays! But only if you act now! {Best Crazy Eddie Voice} So here's the sale, buy three items, any items, on our website and get 30% off!

So for all US orders, deadlines for the following shipping methods:

USPS Media Mail - 12/7/09
USPS Priority Mail - 12/17/09
Fedex Ground - 12/14/09
Fedex 2-day - 12/20/09
Fedex Overnight - 12/21/09

For all Canadian orders:
Canada Post Regular Parcel - 12/9/09

For all international orders
USPS Intl Priority - 12/7/09

**DISCLAIMER** We do not work for USPS, Canada Post or the post office in any foreign country, we can not control the mail. All of these are suggested dates, if it does not arrive in time, there will be no refunds. If you need it by a certain date anywhere in the world we recommend selecting the courier service.

Posted by Peggy Burns at 12:29 PM
Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest

Come visit D+Q this weekend at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest! We'll be at booth 1+2! The festival is going to be FULL of amazing cartoonists and it's totally free! So come on down! Signing books for D+Q will be Gabrielle Bell, R.O. Blechman, Charles Burns, Ron Rege, R. Sikoryak and Adrian Tomine. You can check out the exact signing and programming schedule below.

Saturday, December 5th, 11 am-7 pm
184 Metropolitan Ave.

Secret Project Robot
128 River St. and Metropolitan

Posted by Jessica Campbell at 7:11 PM
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