The Quietus on Beautiful Darkness

“Behold! October's Quietus Comics Round Up Column ” / The Quietus / Aug Stone / October 26, 2014

The womb these creatures (and the story) emerge from is a corpse. Their host body left to rot in an ordinary forest, Aurora and co. climb out from their previously known comfort and must now find their way amongst nature. Despite the cute cartoon characteristics of the cast, the setting they're in is very 'real'. The woods and its denizens present danger, animals possess little anthropomorphic qualities, acting on instinct and communicating via unintelligible squeaks that Aurora must learn in her effort to obtain food for the common good. But few of her cohorts are so philanthropic and soon factions splinter and backs are knived as quick as one turns around. Basest natures are given free reign and soon, with survival pushed to the forefront, these will become the order of the day. A story of how easily things can corrupt when hardship carries ego on its shoulders. And when those in charge give their subjects only the bare minimum needed to survive, and that only in order to keep on serving them.

Beautiful Darkness' chilling view of human nature and existence is shown by the fact not a soul realises their old Arcadian home is now a decaying cadaver. And that the casts' adorable outer sheen remains all through the ensuing devastation. This tale of altruism annihilated by the frivolity and fickleness of evil is made all the more harrowing by the very real admission that these qualities lay within each of us, all too willing to spring to the forefront if we let our guard down for even a second.

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