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Way to Go

Harry Mayerovitch

So what's so funny about death and dying? At age 93, Harry Mayerovitch penned these whimsical drawings that offer another perspective on the “way to go."

Harry Mayerovitch had a remarkable career as an architect, designer, and cartoonist for nearly seven decades. With this new book, D+Q focuses on his cartooning work spanning three very different stages in his life. It begins in 1943 with a comprehensive look at his World War Two cartoons, then moves ahead to 1973 with a major excerpt from his book The Other One, and culminates yet another 30 years later with Mayerovitch’s most recent cartoons from 2003, Way To Go. The book presents a fascinating evolution of one artist’s work, from drawings of Hitler to the final period in way to go, a humorous, yet gentle look at death and dying, as seen from the perspective of the now 94-year-old Mayerovitch. Throughout it all, Mayerovitch’s work is characterized by a playful wit, and wry artistic line full of energy and life.

With an introduction and cover design by noted illustrator and New York Times Op-Ed arts editor Steven Guarnaccia.


ISBN: 9781896597829

$9.95 US / $9.95 CDN

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