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Abandon The Old In Tokyo

Yoshihiro Tatsumi

"These stories get under your skin and invite rereading."--Bookforum

"These stories...reveal an artist who was making comics that weren't just adult, but truly mature."--Village Voice

"The author's careful control of line expresses a broad range of emotion, and his layouts are so thoughtfully paced that his craft becomes invisible, always serving the story rather than drawing attention to itself."--Washington Post

"Tatsumi makes it so any of his characters could be any of the others, crafting a powerful and still-potent commentary on the social and sexual roles of Japanese society."--Miami Herald

Abandon The Old In Tokyo is the second in a three-volume series that collects the short stories of Japanese cartooning legend Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Designed and edited by Adrian Tomine, the first volume, The Push Man and Other Stories, debuted to much critical acclaim and rightfully placed Tatsumi as a legendary precursor to the North American graphic novel movement. Abandon The Old In Tokyo continues to delve into the urban underbelly of 1960s Tokyo, exposing not only the seedy dealings of the Japanese everyman but Tatsumiís maturation as a storywriter.

The introduction is penned by Koji Suzuki, the best-selling author of the Ring trilogy (Ring, Spiral, Loop), as well as Dark Water and Birthday (all published in America by Vertical). His stories have been the basis for several blockbuster films in both Japan and the United States. He lives in Tokyo.

ISBN: 9781894937870

$19.95 US / $19.95 CDN

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