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Dylan Horrocks

One of the best graphic novels of the past decade, back in print.

�Dylan Horrocks is clever, funny, and very, very good at making comic books. His characters grab you and haunt you and even make you worry for them. Buy this guy�s comics. He knows what he�s doing.� �Frank Miller (Dark Knight Returns)

�[Hicksville] is at once a celebration of the richness of the comics artform� - Detroit Metro Times

�A languid, Borgesian tale of love and theft that treats comics -- and an unabashed love of the medium's folksy energy and rhythms -- with poetic weight. [Hicksville] is a classic.��Austin American Statesman

One of the first contemporary graphic novels is now back in print with a new cover and introduction. Considered to be a classic by many, Hicksville was named a �Book of the Year� by The Comics Journal and received nominations for two Ignatz Awards, a Harvey Award and two Alph�Art Awards (Best Album and the Critics� Prize).

World-famous cartoonist Dick Burger has earned millions and become the most powerful man in the comics industry. However, behind his rapid rise to success, there lies a dark and terrible secret, as biographer Leonard Batts discovers when he visits Burger�s hometown of Hicksville in remote New Zealand. Hicksville is where the locals treasure comics and the library stocks Action Comics #1.

Black and White, 264 pages, 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 9781770460027

$19.95 US / $22.95 CDN

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Preview (PDF)

Atlas #1

Dylan Horrocks

Dylan Horrocks returns with ATLAS, a mammoth, new one-thousand page comic book story, serialized in approximately twelve 80-page booklets! ATLAS is a long, sprawling saga of comics, cartography and magic, revisiting two landscapes introduced in his first book, Hicksville: the eponymous comics-obsessed town and the mysterious Cornucopia. Along the way, it will explore the nature of comics, the politics of the new millennium, the frailty of love and the secret to mapping the sky. The story follows 70 years in the life of Emil Kopen, from his peasant childhood in the mountains of Cornucopia to the cartooning sweatshops of New York in the late thirties; from the horrors of Nazi occupation to the hope and disillusionment of postwar Europe. But it is also the story of Kopen's journey to Hicksville and of his struggle to come to terms with his own past and his country's future, as centuries of isolation from the rest of the world give way to economic globalisation and market-driven disorder. For Kopen still has one final part to play in determining the political and cultural destiny of Cornucopia. And that country's feared secret police will stop at nothing to prevent him...
Back-up story by James Kochalka.
$100 b/w pages. First printing: July 2001.

ISBN: 9781894937016

$3.95 US / $3.95 CDN

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Atlas #2

Dylan Horrocks

After a lengthy stint as a writer on Batgirl comics, Dylan Horrocks finally returns to his comic book series Atlas! Trouble is brewing in Cornucopia, homeland of the mysterious cartoonist Emil Kopen. On the eve of reporter Leonard Batts' arrival in the capital city Crieste, we spy on a clandestine meeting fraught with tension and intrigue and find out how to swear in Cornucopt. Also, a back-up "Sam Zabel and The Magic Pen" 10 page episode.


$2.95 US / $2.95 CDN

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