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Market Day

James Sturm

Spring 2010

An expectant father, Mendleman's life goes through an upheaval when he discovers he can no longer earn a living doing the work that defines him: making well-crafted rugs by hand. A proud artisan, he takes his donkey-drawn cart to the market only to be turned away when the distinctive shop he once sold to now only stocks cheaply manufactured merchandise. As the realities of the market place sink in, Mendleman unravels. Sturm draws a quiet, reflective and beautiful portrait of eastern European in the early 1900s, bringing to life the hustle and bustle of an old-world market place on the brink of the Industrial Revolution. Market Day is a timeless tale of how economic and social forces can affect a single life.

Hardcover, 96 pages, 6 1/2 by 9 3/4 inches

ISBN: 9781897299975

$21.95 US / $23.95 CDN

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Above & Below

James Sturm

Before his breakthrough book, The Golem's Mighty Swing, James Sturm produced two bold, remarkable short novellas set in different periods on the American frontier. The Revival and Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight are collected for the first time in this eighty-page deluxe comic book.

ISBN: 9781894937764

$9.95 US / $9.95 CDN

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James Sturm's America: God, Gold, and Golems

James Sturm

An American trilogy of religious fervor, greed, and entertainment through the eras

"Sturm's prose is as elegantly understated as his line work. And every now and then he throws the heater: 'They've been waiting for their Messiah a thousand years,' says one opponent. 'So they know how to wait on a curveball.' A-." --Entertainment Weekly

"Luminous... The revival, as Sturm gleaned through careful research, offered an oasis of companionship, entertainment and brief salvation from the land itself. One can see how Americans...would have yearned for a message that this dangerous, lonely place was actually part of some divine plan." --New York Times Book Review

"Sturm is a master of nuance, whose economical drawings effectively evoke the era, while his thoughtful compositions impressively capture action and atmosphere." --Booklist

Focusing on less sensational times in U.S. history (non-war and pre-Depression) James Sturm's America draws a portrait of the people and their dreams that make up this country. Comprised of three chapters--The Revival, Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight, and The Golem's Mighty Swing--the story grows as the country grows; from pioneers searching for a place to call home, to ghost towns gutted by greed and racism, to the distractions and fantasies of popular entertainment.

ISBN: 9781897299050

$24.95 US / $24.95 CDN

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Preview (PDF)

The Golem's Mighty Swing

James Sturm

James Sturm pens this richly evocative graphic novel set in the 1920s. The Stars of David, a barnstorming Jewish baseball team, travel from town to town earning a living by playing local squads. They all sport beards, a gimmick to attract patrons but when financial difficulties threaten to end their season they cast their lot with a Chicago promoter who has just seen the hugely successful German silent film Der Golem... With the golem, a baseball game is transformed into a mythical pageant. Fear and curiosity fills the stadium, but it also stokes the flames of anti-Semitism. Winning the game for the Stars of David becomes less important then surviving it. With a sepia-tinted cinematic style, this compelling book reminds us that making it home is at the heart of baseball.

2001 "Best Graphic Novel"--Time

"This book is a home run in any language."--Observer on Sunday

"Employing thick lines, minimal detail and simple prose storytelling, sturm gracefully summons the seedy, often dangerous baseball world of the 1920s...this would make a fine gift for any fan of the game."--Washington Post Book World

ISBN: 9781896597713

$16.95 US / $16.95 CDN

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