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Crickets #1

Sammy Harkham

With Crickets, Sammy Harkham begins a new regular comic book series with D+Q. This debut issue features Black Death, a new ongoing serial about a man shot full of arrows who is curiously not dead. With this first chapter, he finds himself lost in the woods, and becomes bound to a mysterious Golem. Together they encounter a father and son engaged in a grim task.

Sammy Harkham is one of the most exciting new talents to have emerged in recent years, listed among "L.A.'s hottest names in comics" by the L.A. Times, as well as one of Utne's "comic book artists to watch out for." Crickets is being published simultaneously in several languages.

See also D+Q Showcase #3 for Sammy Harkham's Somersaulting, a dense 21-page strip in 3 colors.


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Crickets #2

Sammy Harkham

Crickets #2 features the highly anticipated second installment in Sammy Harkham's new ongoing serial Black Death as well as a number of shorter strips that showcase the acclaimed young artist's sharp wit and quirky sense of humour. Begun in the first issue, Black Death follows the adventures of a curiously indestructable man shot full of arrows and a mute Golem as they wander in the woods together, blundering through their encounters with its strange and isolated inhabitants. In the unrelated shorter strips, Harkham, publisher of the influential comics anthology Kramer's Ergot, takes advantage of the opportunity to exercise his considerable imagination on a wide range of topics, from his autobiographical adventures on a signing tour to the frustrated comic aspirations of the emperor Napoleon.

ISBN: 9781897299449

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