8 x 10
40 Pgs
$17.95 CAD/$14.95 USD

Hilarious capers and mischief with Anna's animal friends

It’s time for another round of fun and games–okay practical jokes and pranks–with Bubu, Ron, Christopher, Anna, and Froga!

In Anna and Froga: Fore!, Christopher has a crush on someone in his piano class, Bubu sets out to prove himself an ace golfer, and Ron has a close encounter with a lifeguard. Anouk Ricard’s bright and colorful illustrations make the world of Anna and Froga inviting and fun for kids, but adults also love the series for Ricard’s charming character design and visual puns.

Translated from the French by Helge Dascher.


Praise for Anna and Froga: Fore!

Though pranks and gentle jabs are present throughout, Ricard still keeps everything lighthearted and fun.

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