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D+Q at Thought Bubble 2015

October 29, 2015
D+Q is crossing the pond and coming to Leeds for Thought Bubble 2015 for the very first time! We'll have special guest Bendik Kaltenborn and his debut title, Adult Contemporary,…

D+Q's spring 2016 list

October 27, 2015
And now, onto the spring list! We have a lot of great stuff coming your way, world! So get ready for new work from Chester Brown, Julie Doucet, Lisa Hanawalt, Keith Jones, Shigeru…

D+Q's winter 2016 list

October 26, 2015
Well looky here, another two seasons are locked and loaded and ready for your perusing pleasure. Welcome to the exciting first half of 2016, D+Q-style: DeForge, Evens, Drnaso,…

D+Q at WOTS in Toronto this Sunday!

September 25, 2015
Hello good people of the internet and Toronto, Canada. D+Q Managing Ed Tracy Hurren will be womanning the booth at Toronto's Word on the Street (WOTS if you're in the know) this…