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Sorry, there are currently no events for this author. Please check back soon!

Criterion Designs launch

December 3, 2014
New Yorkers, there's a celebration of art and cinema taking place this evening, Wednesday December 3rd, 6:30pm, at Society of Illustrators (128 E 63rd Street): it's the launch of…

This Weekend's Comics Events

November 7, 2014
This weekend we have events all over North America with Adrian Tomine, Aisha Franz, Anders Nilsen, Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Jillian Tamaki, John Porcellino, Julie Doucet, Lisa…

Exhibits this week

November 6, 2014
This week in North American exhibits with Drawn & Quarterly artists, you can find Seth in Lethbridge, Alberta and Julie Doucet in New York City!