• Berlin by Jason Lutes is in stores now!

    "As nationalism and antisemitism rise again, [Berlin offers] salutary lessons in how quickly politics can turn to poison."—The Guardian
  • Blame This on the Boogie is in stores now!

  • Dirty Plotte is in stores now!

  • Aminder Dhaliwal on tour with Woman World

    At Toronto Reference Library Thursday (11/22), Montreal's Librairie D+Q Friday (11/23), and Comic Arts LA 12/8-12/9!!
  • Nick Drnaso's Sabrina is in stores now

    The first graphic novel nominated for the Man Booker Prize! Reviewed in the New York Times, Guardian, NPR, and more!

The Snooty Bookshop is now open

November 19, 2018
The wind grows cold, the leaves fall from the trees, in the morning the grass crunches underfoot with fresh frost, the sky is clear and grey. Recently Peggy and I were traveling…

Blame This On the Boogie

November 6, 2018
Oh Blame This on the Boogie , how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 1. Rina's use of color floors me. I could stare at her blues for hours. 2. Oh, how she perfectly captures…

For Your Consideration

October 31, 2018
2018 has been an exciting year for books! This year we had the pleasure of publishing 27 of ‘em, 11 books being translations, 4 by Canadians, and 7 reprints. In 2018 we published…

Dirty Plotte: The Complete Julie Doucet

October 25, 2018
Among comics fans, when talking about your favourite cartoonists, it's pretty much a given that someone will weigh in with Julie Doucet. Among lit fans, who have maybe read a few…