• R. Sikoryak on tour for Terms & Conditions: events in NYC, MD, PA, and ON

  • Peter Bagge on tour for Fire!! The Zora Neale Hurston Story

  • Vanessa Davis Launches Spaniel Rage at Skylight Books

  • The Abominable Mr. Seabrook: In Stores Now!

    "Ollmann spent 10 years researching Seabrook’s strange, ramshackle life, and it shows: his book is wonderfully rich and detailed." —The Guardian
  • Michael DeForge on tour for Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero

    Solo events in TO + MTL! Appearances with Sadie Dupuis across RI, PA, IL, MA, & NY

D+Q's fall 2017 catalog

February 14, 2017
We are publishing 11 titles by Lynda Barry, Tom Gauld, Brigitte Findakly & Lewis Trondheim, John Porcellino, Anouk Ricard, Leanne Shapton, R Sikoryak, Leslie Stein, and more!

The Inimitable Joseph Ollmann

January 24, 2017
How do I even talk about this book without spoiling what Joe is doing here? Pretend you are a cartoonist in a graphic novel boom and that you've devoted your entire adult life to…