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Small Press Expo

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[NOTE: Alison Naturale contributed greatly to this blog post.]

Lynda Barry appears at the wonderful Politics & Prose, where we were all very grateful for the warm welcome and big crowd. Though, I should mention that the real "Politics and Prose" of Friday night was the panel discussion between Jason Lutes, Lynda Barry, and our Italian cab driver on the way to the bookstore concerning Norse mythology and the American election.

Jason Lutes kicks back and watches Lynda in action, unaware of D+Q publicity department plans to make him play in a one-man-band the next time he tours. (See? Lynda's already got the stand-up market cornered.)

Lynda sits on the floor to show her slideshow, after her usual stand-up/motivational speaker routine.

Lynda signed books for something like three and half hours.

The crowd waits to meet the groovy Lynda Barry.

The Buenaventura booth, from which we were opposite, and one of the only "crowd shots" we managed to get.

Eric Reynolds and Rhea Patton with wee babe Clementine! Eric and Jason Lutes were both unaware, until this convention, that they had both named their daughters Clementine, despite a warning from Tom Devlin of a potential donnybrook if we let the two see one another.

We put Jason Lutes to work.

Matt Forsythe signs.

Kramer's "No, the Projections Are Not Life-Size" Ergot 7 Panel. (How many people were on this panel, seriously?) Can you spot the D+Q cartoonist?


Did we get any photos of the D+Q books that were nominated for the Ignatzes while their titles were on screen? Any photos of Jason Lutes presenting? Even any photos of former intern Chuck Forsman who won two awards?

Please, let us not lose sight of what is important- the clip art.

My con crush? Things start to get a little unclear around this point... At least Alison pointed out that the proportion of hours of the award ceremony to number of free drink tickets distributed seemed much better at the Ignatzes than the Eisners.

Hey, we're Canadian, all right? This is all very funny to us. (not pictured, toilet paper featuring Osama Bin Laden's face)

SPX was a blast as usual, and we were very lucky to have the wonderful Jason Lutes, Kevin Huizenga and Matt Forsythe come down to sign books and participate in/moderate some programming.

Only one question: why can't I find any photos of Jason Lutes at karaoke?