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Next Up: George Sprott

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When thinking about the New York Times Magazine gig, perhaps the highest profile gig a graphic novelist today can have, what I find really interesting is to see how each cartoonist handles the format, which I would imagine is pretty challenging. Here you may have the biggest audience you'll ever have, and you have one page each week for over 20 weeks to tell your story. And then how do you collect 20-pages into a book? Well, if you're Seth, you take those self-contained 20-odd chapters of the aging newscaster, George Sprott into 96 pages, and then you literally expand the comic so that the book measures 12" x 14"!

In this interview with Newsarama, Seth delves into the editorial process behind the Funny Pages, as well as the process of expanding the strip into a book. It's a must read.

Julia Keller, the Chicago Tribune's Cultural Critic (love that title) has declared George Sprott a must read stating the book is haunting and exquisite.

D+Q is launching George Sprott at the Harbourfront Reading Series with his cartooning peers Adrian Tomine and Yoshihiro Tatsumi on Friday, May 8th to kick off TCAF. Seth will then be touring in June with Adrian all over the US, I will post dates soon I promise!

{Tom, I will post pictures later, @#$%* blogger won't let me!}