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Adrian Tomine Covers Yasujiro Ozu for Criterion

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In a perfect marriage of comics and film, the Criterion Collection asked Adrian to create these beautiful packages for their Yasujiro Ozu collector's DVD set of the great Japanese director, they are due out this July. The rare films, The Only Son and There Was A Father are from Ozu's early career. Ozu is one Adrian's favorite filmmakers so he was more than happy to create artwork for the covers, inside booklets and the DVD themselves.

What else is up with Adrian? Well, I've meaning to blog for a while this piece of news that when Zadie Smith was interviewed on the great CBC show Writers and Co. (scroll down for her interview) for her new book Changing My Mind, she and Eleanor Wachtel went into a deep conversation on literature including George Eliot, Virginia Woolf and the current state of the novel and where is it going.

Zadie then says: "I spent this morning reading graphic novels which I love, it kept on striking me that within 30 pages there seemed to be more vibrant ideas than I've read in the 20 novels this month...American graphic novels are extraordinary at the moment."

Then then Zadie spotlights Adrian by name: "I read an Adrian Tomine [graphic novel] an old one that I hadn't read...every story has such life in it,I would kill to be able to come up with a book of 10 short stories of such vibrancy, such interest..."