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Top Graphic Novels of 2010

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It looks like those lists are going to start dropping (or already have.) They will almost certainly make me hang my head and shed bitter tears for many a talented cartoonist as well as other excellent publishers. Here's hoping that all the lists don't suffer from a botched even-handedness or lazy Amazon search. This has been an amazing year for comics.

Why, here is a handy list of all the books (twenty eight) that D+Q published this year. A quick count and I come up with ten original graphic novels, three gekiga reprints, seven classic strip reprints, and six translated works.

Dirty Dishes Amy Lockhart - January 5
The Box Man Imiri Sakabashira - January 19
Hicksville (new edition) Dylan Horrocks - March 2
Stooge Pile Seth Scriver - March 16
Market Day James Sturm - March 20
Melvin Monster Volume 2: The John Stanley Library John Stanley - March 30

Black Blizzard Yoshihiro Tatsumi - April 13
Walt & Skeezix Book 4: 1927-1928 Frank King - April 13
Wilson Daniel Clowes - April 27
Catland Empire Keith Jones - June 8
The Selves Sonja Ahlers - June 8
Moomin Book 5: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip Tove Jansson - July 20

Nancy Volume 2: The John Stanley Library John Stanley/Dan Gormley - August 3
Indoor Voice Jillian Tamaki - August 3
The Wild Kingdom Kevin Huizenga - August 31
Eden Pablo Holmberg - August 31
Tubby Volume 3: The John Stanley Library John Stanley/Lloyd White - September 28

Palookaville 20 Seth - October 12
Make Me a Woman Vanessa Davis - October 12
Nipper: 1963-1964 Doug Wright - October 12

Acme 20 Chris Ware - November 9
Who Will Comfort Toffle? Tove Jansson - November 9
Picture This Lynda Barry - November 9
Denys Wortman's New York Denys Wortman, edited by James Sturm and Brandon Elston - November 9
The Wrong Place Brecht Evens - November 9

Burma Chronicles paperback Guy Delisle - November 23
The Native Trees of Canada Leanne Shapton - November 23

A Single Match Oji Suzuki - TBA (should be by the end of the year.)