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Merely Observational: Are we in the midst of a fan renaissance?

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Has anyone else seen that ad for "Big Ass Fans" in the New Yorker back of the book ads? And today, I woke up to read a 4-page article in the New York Times about how fans are the greener option over AC and how there is a rise of new fans, nicely designed and more efficient than past models. Of course, the first thing I thought of was CLYDE FANS!

The article talks about how the advent of AC not only caused the decline of fans (as Abraham lamented in CLYDE FANS BK 1), but changed the way architects built houses! Personally I prefer fans, so my heart has always been with the Matchcard Brothers.

So will this change the way CLYDE FANS ends? Will some distant Matchcard grand niece or nephew, cousin, of Abraham and Simon stumble upon their heritage and open the "Borealis Bespoke" fan company in their Montreal Mile End loft? Well, dear readers, lucky for you, Seth will have the next installment of CLYDE FANS in his upcoming PALOOKAVILLE 21 in Winter 2012. And don't forget, CLYDE FANS PT 4 was in PALOOKAVILLE 20.