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Until next year, Expozine.

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Montreal has many-a-good church-basement shopping opportunities, but my favourite of all has to be Expozine. This past weekend's festivities did not disappoint. In addition to the pleasure of scoping out home-grown talent, it's always nice to see so many familiar faces, especially local D+Q cartoonists who are always milling about.

Take a look:


Joe Ollmann! Suave as ever, striking a pose behind the Conundrum booth.


Matt Forsythe! Looking coy, selling his new Koyama Press mini-comic Comics Class across the way, while talking up his new D+Q book, Jinchalo!

Pascal Girard also made an appearance, which is always a treat, but I missed the photo op. Instead, go look at his blog. He's be posting some gorgeous water-colour sample from his next book.


And lastly, here's a woman (who's name I never wrote down. I'm sorry...), but not just any old gal. No. She's the daughter of Peter Blegvad, the letterer of the Moomin picture books.

If you haven't taken a look at The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My or Who Will Comfort Toffle, you must, immediately. The lettering is AMAZING, and, to boot, the stories are some of the best children's stories I've ever read.


Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth this weekend, and, of course, thanks to everyone who helped to organize and run the show. It was a blast!