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Interns are Awesome: Rookie Edition

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HEY! Did I mention that we have some pretty fly interns this summer? One such intern is Maddy (not to be confused with other intern Maddie, who I will shower with accolades here later. Three-months-ago Tracy thought it would be hilarious to hire two Madelines for the summer. It's much less funny than I anticipated.)

And all this is to tell you that Maddy is incredible to have around the office! She is pictured above wearing a very poor recreation of the Meadham Kirchhoff (!) crown that will be included in Rookie Yearbook One. Man, I don't think we could have made that book without Maddy's help. Sonja Ahlers (The Selves) spent the past month at DQ HQ. She was here to work on Rookie, creating many, many collages for the book, lettering many, many titles, and painting many, many backgrounds. Basically, anytime I needed new visual content for a page, I just shouted Sonja's name and I had it in my hands a couple hours later. But none of this would have been possible without Maddy's help. She pretty much spent the last month cutting out various images for Sonja to collage with. I felt terrible the entire time getting Maddy to do something so monotonous, but it turns out, cutting things out in photoshop is her favourite. Huh. Anyway, Maddy is great. She is a dream to work with. And she's talented, too. Thanks, Maddy, for being an incredible sport through this past month of Rookie madness!

Rookie is fully wrapped now. We should have some F&Gs to preview here in the next few weeks! WATCH THIS SPACE.