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Interns are ossum possum (Chester Brown edition)

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There are so many softcover editions of old D+Q faves coming into the office these days I need to do a separate post but these two books rolled in today and I feel compelled to give them their own post and also why don't we celebrate our latest intern Emily!

The Playboy is the FIRST Drawn & Quarterly graphic novel (published way back in 1992--in fact, we asked Emily to wear her best "grunge outfit" and honestly we thought it would be a babydoll dress but whatevs.)

AND, if one autobio classic wasn't enough, we now have the paperback version of Chester's most recent masterpiece, Paying For It.

{Special note: The Playboy has been reformatted and RELETTERED by Chester. He's also rewritten a couple balloons and taken out a few panels (panels that he shows in the now patented Chester end note section which, of course, is all new and AMAZING!) Paying For It remains the same, just softer.} {UPDATE: Chester rewrote The Playboy in its entirety. POV shifted, tenses changed, conversational tone dropped. PHEW!!}