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New Books! New Books! New Books! New Books!

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Sometimes we don't get new books in the office for many weeks; sometimes I'm away for a day and come back and can barely get in the door because the boxes of new books have taken over the place, and then I find Jade trapped in a corner behind the stack of Woman Rebels and it looks like she's been there for at least a day and we all feel terrible and rush to grab her a glass of water. (This photo has zero relevance to this blog post.)


Here's awesome new intern Kate trying to hold all the new books at the same time. Hooray for new books! Hooray for Kate and her ability to do a very good job at everything while also being pleasant and enjoyable to be around. Really, Kate: You're awesome.

Here's some close ups of our bounty, in order of release date:



Rookie Yearbook Two! Edited by the inimitable Tavi Gevinson. In stores October 1! There's a whole lot of amazing stuff in this beauty.


Like these tarot cards, for example.


Next up, the tenth anniversary edition of Chester Brown's Louis Riel! In stores October 1! Have you ever seen a more stunning cover?


If you're like me and adore Chester's colour work, specifically his covers, then this isn't a book to miss. Collected within are the original covers to the comics series, as well as some other extras, like a rare look at Chester's pencil work. Eeeep!


Palookaville 21 by Seth! In stores October 8! Wanna know more about Seth's childhood? Wanna read a very exciting chapter of Clyde Fans? Wanna have a peek into the day-to-day meanderings of the artist in question. Of course you do!



Palookaville 21 includes one of my favourite stories from Seth yet—the first part of Nothing Last, an autobiographical story about growing up in small town Ontario that is engaging and touching and revealing, among many other things. More here.


Sunday Night Movies by Leanne Shapton! In stores October 8! For all you movie buffs, or really just anyone that enjoys looking at beautiful images.




I immediately fall in love with everything Leanne does. This gorgeous book is no exception.

Moomin and the Sea by Tove Jansson! In stores October 8! 


This is my favourite colour Moomin yet. It's really pretty, non?


Moomin and the Comet by Tove and Lars Jansson! In stores October 8! 


Wait, is this my favourite one yet? Oof. So hard to choose. Wait, I don't have to. They're only ten bucks. What on earth or you waiting for?!

Woman Rebel by Peter Bagge! In stores October 15! A book about one of history's most important women by one of comics' most important cartoonists? People! It doesn't get any better than that!

But really there is nothing I can say that's more effusive than this, so just go read it, because it really says it all about this truly remarkable book.

Overwhelming, right? Think how Jade felt. And this is only just a fraction of what we've got in store for you this fall. Man, comics are great.