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This Sunday, September 22, D+Q will be in three places at once!

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When you work in comics long enough you're granted certain special powers, and because of that, Drawn and Quarterly is going to be in New York, Toronto, and Washington this Sunday, September 22! Here's the break-down, in case you're also capable of time-travel:


Hey Brooklyn! Anders Nilsen, Adrian Tomine, Art Spiegelman, Lisa Hanawalt, Rutu Modan, Miriam Katin, and Leanne Shapton are all going to be signing and speaking on panels on Sunday! The BBF takes place in historic downtown Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza (209 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn NY 11201) from 10 am to 6 pm.

Drawn and Quarterly will be at booths 141+142! Here's who's signing when:
11 am: Miriam Katin and Rutu Modan (until noon)
12 noon: Anders Nilsen and Lisa Hanawalt (until 1pm)
1 pm: Adrian Tomine and Rutu Modan (until 2pm)
2:15 pm: Art Spiegelman (until 3pm)
3 pm: Miriam Katin and Lisa Hanawalt (until 4pm)
4 pm: Adrian Tomine and Leanne Shapton (until 5pm)
5 pm: Art Spiegelman (until 6pm)

and be sure to catch 'em at these panels:
11 am: Anders Nilsen in MYTH, HISTORY, FABLE
11 am: Leanne Shapton in FOUND: WRITERS ON LOSS
12 noon; Rutu Modan and Adrian Tomine in THE WORLD (ACCORDING TO CARTOONISTS)
1 pm: Lisa Hanawalt and Miriam Katin in MUNDANE/PROFANE/PROFOUND
3 pm: Adrian Tomine in THE FACES OF BROOKLYN

Panels are not at the D+Q booth- check details and locations right here! And visit the BBF website for full programming, maps, and to organize your stay in Brooklyn!



Toronto! Word on the Street is that magic time once a year when Queen's Park turns into a big literary playground, rain or shine, and you spend all your allowance. This Sunday, Chester Brown will be there and signing - come celebrate the tenth anniversary of the classic Louis Riel!

Drawn and Quarterly will be at booth 204. Here's a map and all the festival details!




Lastly-but-not-leastly, Washington, we've got Lynda Barry and Gilbert Hernandez for you at the National Book Festival, taking place at the Library of Congress! You want details? You got 'em: 


Lynda Barry: click here to visit her National Book Festival author page 

12 noon: Presentation in GRAPHIC NOVELS AND SCIENCE FICTION (until 12:45 pm)

1 pm: signing! (until 2pm) 


Gilbert Hernandez: click here to visit his National Book Festival author page 

12:55 pm: Presentation in GRAPHIC NOVELS AND SCIENCE FICTION (until 1:40 pm)

3 pm: signing! (until 4pm)

Additional festival details are available on their website.

We hope to catch you at one of these fine festivals! If we seem a little out-of-breath, you'll know why.