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Just love it all

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I tried to get Jade to cut out Putnam Gray's face so she could stick hers through the hole, but as soon as the words slipped out of my mouth, I felt ashamed for even suggesting we destroy a Chris Ware comic. Ephemeral broadsheet or not, it's still ruuuuude.


Anyway this new Smoke Signal has butt-loads of great stuff in it. Not only this stunning cover comic from Chris, but also pieces from M. DeForge and Dan Zettwoch.

Peggy grabbed these for us office dwellers while at CAB last weekend (thanks, Peg! You're the very best), but her bags were stuffed with enough to share, plus a whole bunch more loot.


Go comics! You're all I have. If you live in Montreal and are super bummed you didn't make it to CAB last weekend like me, get yourself amped for Expozine this weekend with a trip to our store at 211 Bernard! A couple of these will be available for purchase this weekend; the rest will be on the shelves next week!