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Tonight in Montreal: Julie Delporte and Pascal Girard book launch!

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Tonight is the night, Montreal!

We're rolling right along with this wild week of events, and tonight we get to celebrate the beautiful, the witty, the moving, the wry, the poignant, and the graphic novel with new books from Pascal Girard (Petty Theftand Julie Delporte (Everywhere Antennas)! These books made a huge splash at TCAF and now, Montreal, you get to get your paws on them a full two weeks before in-store date!

Julie was profiled in the most recent issue of Quill & Quire, where journalist Julie Baldassi notes that "In a culture that often seems to favour hyper-clever, narcissistic realism, it is surprising to encounter an artist as straightforwardly sincere and genuinely unaffected as Julie Delporte.… Delporte's work is a humble rumination on universal questions of how to live, love, and lose…"Quill & Quire

And Pascal's Petty Theft received a rave review from Publishers Weekly: 
"Girard’s fluid and simple but immensely expressive cartooning enliven [... Petty Theft]. Quirky supporting characters...contribute to the avalanche of hysterical catastrophe on Pascal’s journey. Girard’s overanxious and wired protagonist will draw quirky comparisons to Seinfeld’s George Constanza and Woody Allen, and his breezy, evocative cartooning creates its own distinctive vision."Publishers Weekly

What more are you waiting for? Come out for an evening of readings, wine, and the opportunity to get one (or both!) of these books signed by their author. Tonight! Thursday May 15th, 7 pm at the Librairie D+Q, 211 Bernard O. in Montreal. A bientot, mes amis à Montreal!