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Gallery hoppin': New Art Spiegelman!: Plus Lynda Barry, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Adrian Tomine, Chester Brown, and Dan Clowes

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We publish many brilliantly talented authors at Drawn and Quarterly, but let's not forget that these cartoonists are practising artists, as well. And that now and then, they share their work in galleries and museums so that we can ogle their originals and leave inspired. This summer, many such exhibitions are taking place. Here's a reminder of whose work is where all across this wide wild continent:

First, make your way to New York City, where Lynda Barry's solo show at Adam Baumgold Gallery has been extended until this Saturday, July 12th. Extended with good reason! The show features more than 80 original comic drawings, watercolours, and mixed media collages from over the past 35 years! No amount of exclamation marks accurately conveys how exciting this is or how badly I think you should see it!!!

And while you're in NYC, drop by Flanders House to see Brecht Vandenbroucke's paintings alongside the work of nine other super-talented Flemish illustrators. The show is on view until December 31. 

Next, cross the continent to Oakland for SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot, where you'll find new and recent work from Adrian Tomine and other artists that have played an influential role in the magazine's incredible success. The exhibit takes place at the Oakland Museum of California, and is on view until July 27th.

Over in Columbus, Ohio, Daniel Clowes's celebrated Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes is on view at the Wexner Center for the Arts until August 3rd. This traveling show is the first museum survey of Clowes's work, bringing together over 90 pieces of original art from the full range of his career (a very succesful, varied range, in case ya didn't know).

And just a little north in Toronto, originals from Chester Brown's Louis Riel remain on view at the Art Gallery of Ontario until September 14th, 2014. This exhibition is included in your general admission to the museum, so make your trip to the city complete and stop by!

Actually, you might want to stay right there in Toronto- we're thrilled to announce that Art Spiegelman's fantastic CO-MIX: A Retrospective is making its final stop at the Art Gallery of Ontario! CO-MIX is a remarkable exhibition, collecting original manuscripts from Maus (rarely seen due to their fragility) and over 300 works on paper, ranging from trading cards to magazine covers. CO-MIX also emphasizes Spiegelman's more recent multimedia projects; fusions of performance and animation and amazing other stuff.

The show opens December 20th and is on view until March 14th, 2015. Mark it on your calendars, mark it in your phones, mark it on your hand- this one is not to be missed! (You can immerse yourself in Co-Mix, the book, while you wait.)