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Moomin makes you happy: or, how to not be lonely.

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Summer's in full effect over here in Montreal—I'm covered in, er, mosquito bites, my eyes are rubbed raw from crying allergies, and my handlebar tape just won't stay put—basically too much lemonade. Luckily, we've got loads of Moomin goodies rolling around this office: despair always has a friend in Moomin. Also it's been about 10 million years since I've blogged, so I'm gonna get it all out at once. Buckle up, everyone! As you can tell, I've got a lot going on that I need to get off my chest. Just kidding, I'll keep it to the Moomins, I swear!

It's a big year for Moomin, as this would have been Tove's hundredth birthday. Much is being done to celebrate, including a full length animated film version of the above title, Moomin on the Riviera, which we will be publishing in colour this September! Check out this fancy little advance copy that the postman just gave to Julia because he likes her best and won't let anyone else sign for packages.

"Oh if one could live like a lily in the grass." Classic. No one except Tove can write with such whimsy without making me feel gross. NO ONE.

And an endpaper shot, for good measure, and because a flying-through-the-air Moomin is one of life's simple pleasures. Watch for more info on this title as the hot sun subsides and the apples start to hit the grass.

And since I'm talking Moomin, I thought I should mention/remind you of two other exciting Moomin things. We've got a very exciting project coming out in October, Moomin: The deluxe anniversary edition! It collects every Moomin strip written by the inimitable Tove Jansson—over 400 pages worth—plus some very, very special never-before-seen sketches and writings on Tove. {This is just a little model I whipped up. The real thing is honkin'!}

And lastly, since everything else I've teased you with is not out for months, here's Moomin Volume Nine, which just hit stores and is ready for you to add to your collection. Pretty nice cover, right? The comics inside ain't bad either.

And now the reason for that weird intro paragraph that you've already forgotten about wherein I make myself out to be a mess of a human and it's really just very confusing and off point and I knew it wasn't working but I just went with it anyway. We got very excited about this new Anti-Loneliness Cafe in Japan a couple months ago but forgot to blog about it. Have you guys checked this out?!?! I can't help but feel like having a cafe latte with a giant stuffed toy might actually increase my despair. Here's my prescription for loneliness: go buy a Moomin book and read it in the shade of a tree by a pond with a really nice drink. Happy summer, everyone!