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PW Starred Reviews for Bumperhead & Hospital Suite: D+Q's first two books out of the Fall 2014 gate.

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Well this is an auspicious start to Fall 2014! Our first two Fall books to be reviewed by the publishing trade bible Publishers Weekly, John Porcellino's The Hospital Suite and Gilbert Hernandez's Bumperhead, have glowing starred reviews! Nothing sweeter than seeing John P and Gilbry getting their due!

On Bumperhead, PW raves "Hernandez's art is characteristically gorgeous—clean lines and strong contrasts, with expressive, unique characters, subtly changing as Bobby's situation does. Bobby comes to life as a sympathetic but complicated character, and the book's darker elements—the nightmarish sky, Bobby's father's secret down in Mexico, and the tablet owned by one of the characters that can predict the future—create a creepy, textured, and mysterious background to his mostly disappointing life adventures. Do not miss this delicate, heartbreaking masterpiece."

On The Hospital Suite, PW also raves "Best-known for his long-running King-Cat mini-comics, Porcellino’s memoir is sometimes brutal but exceptionally honest...Here, his simple, black lines and bare-bones drawings have a powerful economy that present the story cleanly, without flourish, detailing a frightening and inescapable spiral into dysfunction without hyperbole. The result is a clear-eyed, penetrating book about the helplessness of illness which should bring Porcellino a wider audience beyond his cult following."