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Chris Ware does The Paris Review

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Nothing makes me want to welcome fall with open arms like a new Chris Ware cover depicting... idyllic highways above well-kempt suburban lawns? Is there anyone so gifted at capturing the charms and subtleties of suburbia? Better still, the fall 2014 Paris Review features a lengthy interview with the man himself, conducted by Jeet Heer. The interview is excerpted on the Paris Review site - Chris talks about Charles Schulz, Gilligans Island, and much more:

"...Charles Schulz is the only writer I’ve continually been reading since I was a kid. And I know I’m not alone. He touched millions of people and introduced empathy to comics, an important step in their transition from a mass medium to an artistic and literary one."

Mr. Ware doesn't do too many interviews but is always very generous with his thoughts and words. This one's on newsstands now; what are you waiting for?