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Jillian Tamaki's SuperMutant Magic Academy: It's better than almost everything

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Helllo girls! Wow! I haven't blogged in months because of this and its all consuming presence in my life, and now that I'm tap-tapping on these keys again I FEEL ALIVE! And nothing could make me happier than to break the ice with a book like Jillian Tamaki's SuperMutant Magic Academy. It's delightful, inspiring, tasteful, and a-duh, fun-eeeeeee.

If you're unfamiliar with SMMA, well, Marsha streaking gives you a very good taste of what you're up against.

Reading these comics all together, on paper, in your bed or on your couch, is really fun, guys. These comics were magic online because they took you out of your boring-ass day momentarily to this world where the cartoonist gets it, gets you, and makes you laff with bascially just truth, and then that feeling lingers with you for a while as you get back to answering emails. Reading them all together does the same thing, but the storyline becomes more dominant work, the characters become richer—you get to be with them longer and that kills me because they are so good that I'm clasping my heart right now 'cause it's aching. Maybe this is all obvious. You guys probably get the basic differences between pixels and paper. I don't know. What is air?

And have we mentioned this yet? Jillian whipped up (errr, yeah, I think it was likely more involved than that) a forty page after-school special that gives all you readers exactly what you've been yearning for—an extended story of all new material that wraps up the storyline in a pretty unexpected way. When I looked at these pages for the first time, I turned to Tom kinda shocked/overjoyed/beaming with pride and said something very articulate like, "Frick man, have you seen these last forty pages? Holy shit." He smiled, put his hands together in prayer, and gently bowed his head. 

As far as I'm concerned, we could have printed this book on toilet paper and bound it with old dental floss and there woulda been no complaints because the characters make everything else invisible, but Chris said no so instead it's in a pretty nice package with these fun endpaper-ish things and flaps. 

SuperMutant Magic Academy will be in stores April 28. We've got some tour dates lined up too that we'll announce so so soooon so don't go anywhere, okay?