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Seth's Palookaville 22: The book that won't not blind you.

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The great thing about winter in Montreal is Here I am sitting on the floor looking over the proofs for Seth's Palookaville 22. Yup, this is how it's done, folks. Behind the scenes magic revealed. You wanna play with the big boys, you gotta roll your pants up from time to time. Ugh. I don't know. Anyway, a month or so has passed and now these proofs, once rapturous, are a snooze cuz a looky loo here, ah willya?

You guys seeing this? Seth always manages to surprise us with something completely new design-wise for each instalment in this series; my expectations for Palookaville 22 were certainly surpassed. The design on this one, as always, is a slam dunk, er, umm, whatever the the 1940s version of a slam dunk is. A red three? Anyway, don't worry: we're getting stickers printed to warn readers not to stare directly at it for extended durations, cornea damage, etc. YE-OUCH!

And without jacket. What a beauty. The colour and texture of the casewrap in contrast to the colour and texture of the jacket make this little designer very happy. 


As in previous volumes, PV22 has three parts. The first carries on with Clyde Fans where PV21 left off. And either this story is amping up or I'm amping down, either way, it seems to be building steam. Secrets are revealed. Relationships muddy. Regret swells.

In the second section, we're treated to a photo essay about the Crown Barber shop in Guelph, Ontario—owned and operated by Tania Van Spyk, designed with love by husband Seth. For more on the shop see here and here and here (yes, we like it very much), or just hold your horses until April when you can buy yourself a copy of the book and sink right in.

With a gatefold included, naturally. 

And lastly, the second instalment of "Nothing Lasts," Seth's autobio work surrounding his youth in rural Ontario, which is, personally, some of my favourite work from Seth to date. 

And that's it. A beautiful little feather in Seth's cap. I can't wait for y'all to read it <3 And since I'm terrible at waiting, and since my imagined audience here is just many Tracys smiling and clapping, here's something to tide you over, a freshy from Sethy, exclusive to the Walrus.