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Anders Nilsen's Poetry is Useless: Not just a buncha hoo haw

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I think I've blathered on and on here before about how much I love artist's sketchbooks, and how I love it when they blog them so I can get a weird glimpse into their brains, lives, and I know for certain Anders's name has come up when I'm gushing away. The immediacy. The rawness. So intimate. So beautiful.

Anders's Poetry is Useless succeeds in all these ways, except the thing is, he's Anders: so it's so much more. Is it a memoir? Is it a travelogue? Does god exist? Does Anders still actually skateboard? Isn't he too old for that? Wait—is everything connected? AM I GOD?

You're going to have to answer those questions for yourself. Because it's not just pretty pictures, girls, so don't think for a second you're in for an easy ride. {Though there's plenty of pretty pictures, too. See above: when I look at this sketch I feel like I'm there or I've been there and I can feel the warm sun and then I look out the window and remember it's still negative ten here. Sigh.} 

Poetry is Useless just went to press, so it will be in stores July. We'll have extra special advanced copies in May at TCAF so strap yourself into a plane and get there, babies! Otherwise, Anders will be hitting the road this summer to promote the book with another certain very special cartoonist who happens to have a book coming out around the same time okay okay it' I can't tell you who because Julia won't let me. Not confirmed. Blah blah. SORRY STAY TUNED SUCKERS!