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NEW @#$% JOE MATT!!!!: DQ 25 Sneak Peek

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There are so many gems in DQ 25, it's hard to know where to start. I mean it's 776 pages!!! So let's start with the obvious: 16 pages of pure unadulterated Joe Matt. Reading a new Joe Matt comic is like watching a great sitcom. Comforting, funny, new jokes but with the same rhythm you have come to depend on. Does Joe reference his porn collection? Check. Do Seth and Chester make guest appearances? Check. Does Joe talk about Maus? Check. Is Joe still broke? Check. Does Joe inexplicably have a great girlfriend? Check. Does Joe Matt still make you laugh out loud? Check. Joe Matt is the king of humour, and reading this comic will make you realize how much you miss his masturbation comics, well, ok, maybe not that far!  But the world is a better place for these 16 pages of Joe Matt, and the world would be that much better if Joe continues to do new comics. Don't let the terrorists win, Joe, keep on going with your filthy, sophomoric, hysterical self! We've missed you!