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Please Read This Blog Post Schnauzer: Subtitle Schnauzer

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Somewhere in Guelph right at this very moment Marc Bell is sorting through his nibs, lining them up, looking at them with a satisfied mind. Why? you ask. Because we are just a couple of months away from Marc's longest narrative and most prolonged use of the word "schnauzer" in a comic yet. He's done. No more nib inking for a little while. He can get back to those rapiodgraphs and take it easy.

Stroppy is a 64-page all-new comic from Marc. In fact, it's his first non-compilation work ever. And man oh man it is a beautiful thing to behold!! These rheumy colored blind eyes can't even understand what Marc is doing with Mustards and Oranges and Grey-Pinks and Grassy-Greens (i'm guessing) but this book is so gorgeous that all other books are jealous. 

Look at these beautiful pages and liberal usage of the word "schnauzer." Look for a handful of copies of Stroppy at TCAF and get Marc "Please Stop Calling Me a National Treasure" Bell to doodle a hot dog on crutches on the title page {I'm going to go check and see if we left room for this doodle. Stop the presses…}

I think we're okay. Now I have to get back to constructing a facsimile mini-putt game for TCAF. See you there, Hair Bear (Schnauzer.)