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Drawn & Quarterly turns 25: And we made a giant book to celebrate

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How does one properly tease a book with over one hundred contributors spanning 776 pages? How do I even begin to pick out my favourite spreads to photograph and blab about? There is just SO MUCH. Sure, I know what you're thinking: those yo-yos over at D+Q really got carried away here. Well, maybe we did. But twenty-five years of quality comics is something to sneeze at, my friends. Here's a small fraction of the things that make this book special:

Original endpapers by Michael DeForge and Tom Gauld (not pictured, though you can peep his striking work on the cover at the top).

Front matter, made with special dimple power by Dan Zettwoch.

So many archival photos that will make you laugh and sigh and reget all your '90s fashion decisions—and remember that hanging with cartoonists is the best! 

Words. Lots of them. Often accommodated by more photos, or in many cases, beautiful original illustrations by various D+Q cartoonists, like this one above, by Seth, that sits besides the interview with Chris Oliveros, our humble leader.

Some of those many words include a history of D+Q penned by Sean Rogers (with help from Jeet Heer); interviews with Chris, Tom Devlin, and our beloved translator Helge Dascher; a tear jerking essay by Peggy; many many more essays about our cartoonists by literary babes like Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Lethem, and Sheila Heti (and so many more!); plus anecdotes by our cartoonist pals <3 This above shot shows many of those things pretty well I think: a sweet note from Chris O. about Seth, a handsome archival photo, a snippet of Lemony Snicket's piece on Seth, and a sweet little comic about Seth's work from Leslie Stein! Okay, this spread is pretty jam packed with awesome, but you know what? It's not an anomaly, believe it or not. Those 776 pages are used to their fullest. 

And most importantly (and representing the bulk of the book), original, rarely-before-seen, and long out-of-print work from well over fifty of the industry's finest cartoonists (and very fine humans in general). Like the above spanking-new comic by Jillian Tamaki.

And this one, by Miriam Katin.

And these sketchbook excerpts from Art Spiegelman.

And this section, showcasing our Petits Livres imprint. 

I could very literally keep showing you this book all day. There's something on each page that I'm jumping up and down to talk about, but I suspect I've gone on far too long already. After just five years with D+Q I find myself so invested in this thang called comics that this book really tears at my little wimpy heart. I can't imagine the kind of emotions rolling around in our stoic Chief's chest. Twenty-five years. Good grief! 

See you all at TCAF, where this heavy heavy thank you note for supporting us for twenty-five years will be debuting. I anticipate we'll all be in very good spirts so come give us a kiss, willya? And if you can't make TCAF, you can get your mitts on a copy late May/early June. We'll have plenty mo updates and photos for you along the way so check back in PLEASE.