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Tadao Tsuge's Trash Market: Available now!

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After a long wait, Tadao Tsuge's Trash Market is finally in stores! So my recommendation is to stop reading this blog post, slap on some sunscreen, and get out there and buy one, because holding this thing in your hands is just so much better than anything I've got to say. 

…But I will keep talking anyway, in case some of you need convincing/because I want to give Tsuge some much deserved compliments, along with translator and editor Ryan Holmberg, who put so much care and attention into this book, including penning an incredibly fascinating essay, "Portrait of the Artist as a Working Man," which is included in the book and provides a valuable history of Tsuge's carreer and life, context that places his work into an entirely different light.

Tsuge is an interesting case. Anyone who hasn’t read his comics could easily dismiss him as the other Tsuge and a pale imitiation of his genre-defining brother. But they would be missing out. Tadao writes very personal stories about life after WWII and the toll it took on the men of Japan. There’s a lot of humour in his stories but these stories are dark too—these are souls set adrift. The writing and story structure is powerful—it brings to mind the work of Kōbō Abe (one of the great Japanese prose writers, IMO). And the art, well, that speaks for itself. JUST LOOK AT IT. Those sketchy lines. Here's a short sample for you from one of the stories contatined within, "Gently Goes the Night."

And that's all from me, but Kate over at our brick and mortar, ol' Librairie D+Q, wrote a great blog post about the book, with a lot more info than I've provided here so please go take a look!