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D+Q 25 PR All new Shigeru Mizuki's Kitaro Series: Kid Friendly Format & Price Point

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D+Q Announces Shigeru Mizuki’s Kitaro Series in an All-New Kid-Friendly Format!

Shigeru Mizuki’s Kitaro : The Birth of Kitaro
Due Out in March 2016; New Volume to Follow Each Season
Translated by Zack Davisson

Hot on the heels of D+Q’s collected Kitaro edition that was a Texas Library Association Maverick Graphic Novel and a YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens pick, D+Q announces an all new series of Shigeru Mizuki’s Kitaro that will be in a kid friendly format and price point of $12.95. The series of everyone’s favorite one-eyed yokai boy will have seven titles in all, collecting all-new stories from the 1960s golden age of Gegege no Kitaro when the all-ages supernatural series truly hit its stride.

The Birth of Kitaro  (Winter 2016)
Kitaro Meets Nurarihyon (Spring 2016)
The Great Tanuki War (Fall 2016)
Kitaro’s Strange Adventures (Winter 2017)
Kitaro the Vampire Slayer (Spring 2017)
Kitaro’s Yokai Battles (Fall 2017)
The Trial of Kitaro (Winter 2018)

In March 2016, the first volume The Birth Of Kitaro collects seven of Shigeru Mizuki’s early, and beloved, Kitaro stories, (Kitaro no Tanjo; Neko Musume to Nezumi Otoko ; Nopperabo; Gyuki ; Toge no Yokai ; Makura Kaeshi; Hideri Gami) making them available for the first time in English, in an all-new, kid-friendly format. This book will be supported by an October 2015 Diamond Comics Halloween Free Comic Book Day Promotion.

Shigeru Mizuki’s Kitaro is both timelessly relevant and undeniably influential, inspiring a decades-long boom in stories about yokai, Japanese ghosts and monsters. Each new D+Q volume will collect more than one hundred fifty pages of spooky and often funny comics about the titular yokai boy. Kitaro is the perfect introduction to award-winning author Shigeru Mizuki’s most popular series, seminal comics that have won the hearts of Japanese children and adults for more than half a century. Each volume will be accompanied with an essay by the series translator Zack Davisson.

“Smart, scary, funny, full of exciting action and beautiful art, and with an element of educational content (at least on the subject of Japanese folklore), Kitaro has pretty much everything you’d want from a comic book.”–Comic Book Resources

“The brief chapters highlight the whimsy, fantasy, and horror of Japanese folklore, and manga fans will spot the origins of many of the format's tropes, including shape-shifters, cuddly monsters, and mecha battles. … these strange, charming stories…should find {Kitaro} an appreciative audience.”–School Library Journal

“Mizuki’s manga tales about yokai, the monster spirits of Japanese folklore, started off humbly but later ballooned in popularity, cementing Mizuki’s status as a master of the art… Mizuki’s manga tales about yokai, the monster spirits of Japanese folklore, started off humbly but later ballooned in popularity, cementing Mizuki’s status as a master of the art.”–Booklist

On Sale Date: March 22, 2016 – 9781770462281 - Trade Paperback - $12.95 USD - Comics & Graphic Novels / Literary - 176 pages - Black-and-White Illustrations Throughout - 5 in W | 7.5 in H


Shigeru Mizuki (b. 1922) is one of Japan’s oldest and most respected artists; he has received almost every award the comics industry has to offer. An Eisner award winner, he was also the first Japanese artist to win the prestigious Angouleme Award for Best Comic. In Japan, his scholarly research earned him membership into the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology, and he has been awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, the Kodansha Manga Award, and the Shiju Hosho Medal of Honor. In 2010, he was recognized as a Person of Cultural Merit for his contributions to Japanese culture and honored with the Shigeru Mizuki International Cultural Center and Shigeru Mizuki Road and Museum in his hometown, Sakaiminato.