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Anders Nilsen and Marc Bell at Lucky's Comics

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Thanks for your patience, Vancouver! Anders Nilsen and Marc Bell are on their way across the border to see you at Lucky's Comics tonight, Thursday July 16th, at 7pm, where they'll each present their latest D+Q titles: Anders with Poetry is Useless, Marc with Stroppy. They'll have slideshow presentations and a signing will follow. This is the last stop of their tour, so it's bound to be a special night, but don't just take my word for it: the two have been all over the Vancouver press in the past few days! 

Page 66 of Poetry is Useless, one of Anders's favourite pages of the book. 

Sunshine Frere at Vancouver is Awesome highlights the event and speaks with both cartoonists, in an interview where Marc describes Stroppy as "Goofball-Vaudville-Power Structure-Comics" and Anders reveals his favourite pages from Poetry is Useless are 66, 100, and 217 (spoiler alert: they are all good). Read the full interview here

Shannon Tien at SAD Mag also encourages you to come out tonight, and interviews Marc and Anders "about authen­tic­ity, cap­i­tal­ism, and self-help for writ­ers, among other things", other things including poets and cowards, drawing hairdos, and the colours of books. Read the full interview here

Finally, John Lucas at Georgia Straight sets the record straight: Anders Nilsen doesn't actually hate poetry, and Marc Bell's yellow characters are not Minions-they've been around since 1993! Read the full interview here

That's a whole lot of interviews, but you haven't heard the half of what these brilliant cartoonists have to say-and you've probably got a few questions of your own now. So see you tonight, Van, and a big thank you to everyone who stopped by on this tour! 

A page from Marc Bell's Goofball-Vaudville-Power Structure-Comic, Stroppy