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Now in stores: Berlin 19

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When we first activated the ask box on our Tumblr, I think the question we received most frequently was "When is the next issue of Berlin coming out?!" Readers, I can answer you now, and the answer is: now. We brought limited advance copies to the lucky people at TCAF, MCAF, and ELCAF, but now, non-CAF folks, Jason Lutes's Berlin 19 is in stores everywhere! And if you haven't already rushed out the door to your local comics shop, I'd like to show it off a little. 

This issue, a halfway mark in the series, is set in the Spring of 1932, and there are big changes afoot. The spring should be a time of happiness and rebirth, but Anna is in a deep depression after a confrontation with Nazis. Marthe, her lover, is left struggling to figure out her path. And the connection between these two and Kurt is weakening beyond repair. Major difficulties and major decisions are on the horizon for all of the characters, making this chapter of Berlin a pivtoal one. 

As usual, Jason's depictions of Weimar Berlin's streets and people are spot-on and beautiful. Well worth the wait, readers!