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Kate Beaton launches Step Aside, Pops tonight!: Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, NYC

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The day has arrived! Kate Beaton launches Step Aside, Pops TONIGHT, Wednesday September 16th, at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in New York City. She'll be joined in conversation by Alexandra Zsigmond, art director of the Opinion Section at the New York Times, followed by a Q+A period and finally, a book signing. Books will be available for sale by WORD Bookstore. The event is free and open to the public and begins at 7pm, but we'd suggest arriving early to ensure a spot. Now, you've got the rest of the afternoon to come up with your best questions. 

If you're not in New York, fret not-here's where Kate is headed next on her tour-and we're happy to tell you Step Aside, Pops is now in stores across North America! Get to your local bookstore and get the book everyone is talking about! 

"The range and singular wit of her brilliant historical, literary and pop-culture parodies is simply impossible to capture in just a few words."— The Guardian

"When it comes to rendering and sending up historical and literary characters, Kate Beaton is one of the most artful hands around. She manages to do in three panels what some professors can’t do over entire semesters: breathe the stuff of life into her characters."—The Washington Post

"This is Beaton in her purest distilled form: historical personages being funny, with comedic body-language to die for."—Boing Boing

"In a just world, Kate Beaton’s work would be required reading in schools."—Vulture (click here to read the interview!)

"Step Aside, Pops features the hallmarks of Beaton’s comedic approach: lo-fi comics riffing on classic literature, obscure history, fairy tales and other esoterica...For those who enjoyed Beaton’s first collection, this represents an expansion of an already-impressive comic voice; readers who enjoy smart, irreverent takes on history and literature will find plenty to delight in here."—Paste

"With Step Aside, Pops, Beaton is solidifying her place among others such as LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow and Bill Nye the Science Guy at making one’s audience fall in love with a subject that in school can oftentimes seem boring and uninteresting."—Autostraddle (click here to read the interview!)

"From Julius Caesar to The Secret Garden and from the late Romantics toKokoro, Beaton knocks it out of the park, having a go at anything and everything with her razor-sharp wit."— Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Kate Beaton's comics are uniquely incisive. Since starting her popular (and hilarious) webcomic Hark! A Vagrant in 2008, Beaton's work has amassed a huge fan base and proven that you don't have to sacrifice intelligence for punchlines."— Broadly (click here to read excerpt!)

"Whether it’s the Founding Fathers, Wuthering Heights, the concept of “Strong Female Characters,” Ida B. Wells, or just an image from the archives, Beaton puts her clever and mirthful spin on an assortment of things you never imagined would send you into laughing fits. It’s sort of like a weird, fun, not entirely accurate lesson in history, literature and pop culture all at once."— Mental Floss

"Welcome to Beaton’s world of twisted history, where figures from historic events, classic literature, and current pop culture merge with hilarious results."— London Free Press

and listen to Kate's interview on CBC As It Happens!