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Kate Beaton at Toronto Reference Library

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Hi there, Toronto! Kate Beaton launches Step Aside, Pops tonight, Tuesday September 22nd, at 7pm, at the Toronto Reference Library's Bram and Bluma Appel Salon (789 Yonge Street). Kate will give a brief reading and then be joined in conversation by Emily M. Keeler, Books Editor at the National Post, with a Q+A and signing to follow. The event sold out nearly immediately, but! a limited number of rush tickets will be made available at 6pm tonight. Arrive early to secure yours!

Tonight's event has been named a top choice in NOW Magazine, who give you fair warning to "get ready to laugh out loud", and Step Aside, Pops is the talk of the town:

"When Beaton takes on the benighted gender politics of today, the burden of history no longer weighs down the brickbats she hurls.Instead they hit home with elegant accuracy – as well as enough cutting sarcasm to make pops step aside, and nasty boys realize they don’t mean a thing."—Globe and Mail

"Beaton’s comics are distinctive for their weird sweetness. She can be crass, certainly, but there is also the sense that the comedy of a good Hark! A Vagrantcomic happens only on account of Beaton’s ability to behold her subjects with great tenderness. History may be written by the winners, but it’s the loser qualities behind the names that seem to have captured Beaton’s imagination best."—National Post (Read the full interview!)

It's gonna be a pretty darn amazing night, Toronto!