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Free Comics for Halloween!!!: I said "FREE COMICS FOR HALLOWEEN!!!"

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What could possibly be better than tons of candy on Halloween? Well, duh, comics. It's a dream come true! A pile of horror - or just Halloween-related - comics in your pillowcase on this most special of holidays.

Well, D+Q has a special treat for ya. To celebrate our launching of a comprehensive and prolific KITARO series we're releasing a special Halloween preview comic: THE BIRTH OF KITARO by Shigeru Mizuki, translated by Zack Davisson. Soon your favourite comic store will be bursting with so many volumes of comics featuring everyone's favourite one-eyed demon boy. Where can I get these comics? Where is my nearest comic shop, you say? Well, look here: or go to for more info.

Get to your local shop this Saturday and get a free KITARO comic!

Happy Sexy Pirate Day!